Weekly Quiz from the Archive - Answers

1 What was the name of the stun gun already used in the U.S. that was introduced to Thames Valley and Northamptonshire police in April 2003?  

The Taser

2 -What is the full name of the virus known as SARS?  

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

3 -In which country is Agadir?  


4 -In which country is Timbucto?  


5 -Who developed the first laser printer?  


6 -Who marketed the first dot matrix printers in 1957?  


7 -Which  Vegetable has variety named ,Big Boy,Shirley & Alicante  


8 -Which vegetable has variety named ,Webbs Wonderful ,Tom Thumb & Little Gem?  



1 -Which capital is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha?  


2 -Who Knocked out  Mike Tyson in 1990?  

Buster Douglas

3 -In which year of the 1920's were the rules of football changed to allow goals direct from corners?  

In 1924

4 -Who wrote the play "The Seagull"?  

Anton Checkov

5 -What was Paula Radcliffe's winning time in this years Flora London Marathon ? (Hours and Minutes)  

Two Hours Fifteen Minutes (And 25 Seconds)

6 -What is the name of Bob The Builders cat?  


7 -Who was the star of 'Jeremiah Johnson' in 1972?  

Robert Redford

8 -Who or What were Fuggers?  

German Merchants

1 -Which family of birds does a Ring-Ousel belong?  


2 -Which family of birds does a Redstart belong?  


3 -Eastenders:-What was  Lofty's real Christian Name ?  


4 -Eastenders:-Who had a wool stall on the market?  

Kathy Beale

5 -Who was Roger Moore's first wife?  

Dorothy Squires

6 -What was the name of Sting's first wife?  

Frances Tomelty

7 -What sort of rice is mentioned in "Pop goes the Weasel"  

Tuppenny rice

8 -How many fiddlers did old King Cole have?  



1 -What was the US title of the 1964 film 'The Caretaker' based on Pinter's play?  

The Guest

2 -Name the cartoon cat who 'kept on walking'?  


3 -What was Jim Davidson's character name in the sitcom 'Home James' ?  

Jim London

4 -What is Woody's horse called in Toy Story 2?  


5 -What is Kevin Spacey's character name in the film 'American Beauty'?  

Lester Burnham

6 -Which company for black dancers did Arthur Mitchell form in 1969?  

Dance Theatre of Harlem

7 -Who wrote the opera 'Punch and Judy' ?  

Harrison Birtwhistle

8 -In which decade were the first Academy Awards given?  

In the 1920's

1 -Who painted "The Clothed Maja" and "The Naked Maja"?  

Francisco Goya

2 -Who painted "Le Dejeuner Sur L'herbe"?  

Edouard Manet

3 -George Lee has been 3 times world Champions in which sport  


4 -Bob Nudd has been a world champion in which sport?  


5 -In Bambi what was the name of the skunk?  


6 -Which birds take part in the ballet in 'Fantasia'?  


7 -What do we call fear of snakes?  


8 -What is cynophobia?  

Fear of dogs


1 -What in Islam is  Zakat?  

The giving of alms to the needy

2 -In scrabble how many points in the letter 'J' worth?  


3 -Which Welsh town became a city in 1969?  


4 -Who is the Egyptian god of creation?  


5 -What in Indian cookery is Panir?  

A curd cheese

6 -Which Country did Martin Crowe play cricket?  

New Zealand

7 -What name was given to the occasion in 1934 when Hitler had members of his own party murdered by the SS?  

The Night of the Long Knives

8 -What was The Police's first U.K. No 1 in 1979?  

Message in a Bottle

1 -Who said 'Religion is the opium of the people'?  

Karl Marx

2 -Who said 'Power is a great aphrodisiac'?  

Henry Kissinger

3 -What is the official language of Pakistan?  


4 -What is the official language of Iran?  


5 -In which year did the Klondike gold rush begin?  

In 1896

6 -In which year did Baden Powell form the Boy Scouts?  

In 1908

7 -What is the formula for finding the area of a triangle?  

Half the base Multiplied by height (1/2bh)

8 -What is the formula for finding the area of a circle?  

Pi r squared.


1 -What was invented by the US students using aluminium flan cases?  


2 -What was ARPANET a forerunner of?  


3 -Whose first album was "Are you Experienced"  

Jimi Hendrix

4 -What was the name of the monster killed by Beowulf?  


5 -Who was the Egyptian god of funerals?  


6 -Who was the only batchelor US President?  

James Buchanan

7 -Who wrote the 1999 novel "Chocolat"?  

Joanne Harris

8 -What nationality is Hans Blix-the chief weapons inspector in Iraq?  


1 -Who Played Cruella de Vil in the 'real version of 101 Dalmations?  

Glen Close

2 -Who Played Vince Vega in 'Pulp Fiction'?  

John Travolta

3 -Which gift was given to Cassandra by Apollo?  

The gift of prophecy

4 -Which nymph was loved by Narcissus?  


5 -Who is the patron saint of comedians?  


6 -Who is the patron saint of cooks?  


7 -In which century was Botticelli born?  

The 15th

8 -In which century was The Black Death and The Peasants' revolt?  


9 -What type of creature is an emmet?  

An ant

10 -What sort of creature is a Godwit?  

A bird

11 -Who sang that they were "back for good" in 1995?  

Take That

12 -Who had a 1997 hit with "Barbie Girl"  


13 -The oval is home to which county cricket team?  


14 -Grace Road is home to which county cricket team  


15 -What is the capital of Venezuela?  


16 -What is the capital of Peru?