Weekly Quiz from the Archive - Answers

1: 1 Who was voted the  Player of the Year by the PFA in April 2003?

Thierry Henry

1: 2 Who was voted Young Player of the Year by the PFA in April 2003?

Jermaine Jones

1: 3 In which Shakespeare play is the character Sir Oliver Martext?

As You Like It

1: 4 In which Shakespeare play is the character Sir Toby Belch?

Twelfth Night

1: 5 Which communist leader's real name was Josip Broz?


1: 6 What does the name 'Stalin' mean?

Man of Steel

1: 7 What general name is given to  mantatees & dugongs?

Sea - cows

1: 8 What are goannas & anoles?


2: 1 How many vertices has a regular dodecahedron?


2: 2 What is orange pekoe?

A type of tea

2: 3 Who wrote "The Barchester Chronicles"?

Anthony Trollope

2: 4 Which was the first Formula One Grand Prix to be televised?


2: 5 In a religious context, what do the initials WCC stand for?

World Council Of Churches

2: 6 How many Airport films were there?


2: 7 The Olympic Games of 1956 were held in Melbourne ,but where did the Equestrian event take place?


2: 8 Which  TV Cop wanted 'Just the facts,Ma'am?

Sgt Joe Friday in Dragnet

3: 1 Which instrument did jazz musician John Coltrane play?


3: 2 What instrument does Stephane Grappelli play?


3: 3 How many Chance and Community Chest Squares are there in total on the board?


3: 4 How many non purchasable squares are the on the monopoly board excluding chance and community chest squares?


3: 5 Who is the Greek muse of Tragedy?


3: 6 Who is the Greek muse of Astronomy?


3: 7 Which element in the periodic table has the symbol Co?


3: 8 Which element in the periodic table has the symbol Cr?


4: 1 How many stars are there on the Solomon Islands flag?


4: 2 There are three colours used on the flag representing the African country of Gabon, name two of them?

Green, Yellow and Blue

4: 3 What letter does the Rwandan flag have on it?


4: 4 The Flag of which former Russian republic is separated horizontally, Blue, Black, White ?


4: 5 How many stars are there on the Flag representing the island of Tuvalu?


4: 6 What mythical creature is depicted on the flag representing the country of Bhutan ?


4: 7 The flag of which African Country is separated horizontally Green, White and Blue?

Sierra Leone

4: 8 What colour is the circle on the flag representing the island of Palau?


5: 1 In which year was the first Factory Act passed?


5: 2 In which year was the so called Bloodless Revolution?


5: 3 What is the capital of Switzerland?


5: 4 What is the capital of The Phillipines?


5: 5 What do we call the study of timepieces?


5: 6 What is mycology?

The study of fungi

5: 7 Which wild mountain sheep live only in Corsica & Sardinia?


5: 8 What type of birds are the only birds that can see the colour blue?


6: 1 What was Father Ted's surname?


6: 2 What is the Latin word for vinegar?


6: 3 Who is the patron saint of cooks?


6: 4 What was Margaret Thatcher's maiden name?


6: 5 How many days were lost when Britain adopted the Gregorian calander?


6: 6 What part of the body is affected by glossitis?


6: 7 Who became the Tiddlywink champion for the 19th time at the Nation Championship in April 2003?

Larry Kahn

6: 8 What is Sean Connery's real first name?


7: 1 What was the name of William Conqueror's only legitimate daughter?


7: 2 What was the name of William II's elder brother,who became Duke of Normandy in 1087?


7: 3 In which year were ball girls first used at Wimbledon?


7: 4 In which year was the tiebreak first used at Wimbledon?


7: 5 Which game show returned to ITV in 1995 after a seven year absence?

The Price is Right

7: 6 Which primetime ITV game show was axed in 1987 after a 9 year run?

Three - Two - One

7: 7 Which French artist painted many scenes of young ballet dancers?

Edgar Degas

7: 8 Who created the picture "The Scream"?

Edvard Munch

8: 1 Which is Britain's oldest cheese mentioned in the Doomsday Book?


8: 2 Who was the Greek goddess of peace?


8: 3 In which country was the first motorway created?


8: 4 Who won the 1992 Cricket World Cup?


8: 5 In which musical do they sing about a 'Jellicle Ball'?


8: 6 In which year did Napoleon Bonapart became Emperor of France?

In 1804

8: 7 On which river would you find The Cat and Mouse castles?

The Rhine

8: 8 In which French city is Interpol's HQ?


Beer: 1 What is the Greek wine Retsina made from?

Pine Resin

Beer: 2 What are avruga?

Herring's eggs

Beer: 3 R D Wingfield created which TV detective?

Jack Frost

Beer: 4 In which detective series does Miss Lemon appear?

Agatha Christie's Poirot

Beer: 5 Which river flows over Victoria Falls?


Beer: 6 In which country does the Zambessi river reach the sea?


Beer: 7 In which US city is the Sears Tower?


Beer: 8 In which city is Rastrellis Winter Palace?


Beer: 9 In the British Army what rank is one above Brigadier?


Beer: 10 In the  British Army what rank is one below Major?


Beer: 11 Who invented the parking meter in 1935?

Carl C Magee (USA)

Beer: 12 Who invented the safety-pin in 1849?

William Hunt (USA)

Beer: 13 Who were John the Baptist's parents?

Zechariah and Elisabeth

Beer: 14 Name the Three Kings that visited Jesus in Bethlehem.

Casper, Melchior and Balthazar

Beer: 15 Complete the following proverb " One man's meat is another man's ..."


Beer: 16 Complete the following proverb "Marry in haste……

repent at leisure