Weekly Quiz from the Archive - Answers

1: 1 What was the name of the film music composer, best known for music in 'The Railway Children' who died in April 2003?

Johnny Douglas

1: 2 What was the name of the Major's accomplice in the "Millionaire" fraud?

Tecwen Whitlock

1: 3 In which Chinese province did the SARS outbreak supposedly begin?

Guandong Province

1: 4 Where was The World's Strongest Woman competition held in 2002?

Kuala Lumpa

1: 5 Which character in Blackadder II had an udder fixation?


1: 6 Which actor played Lord Flashheart in Blackadder II?

Rik Mayall

1: 7 What is the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary?


1: 8 What is the traditional gift for a 35th wedding anniversary?


2: 1 Which Washington Irvine ghost story starred Tim Burton & Johnny Depp?

Sleepy Hollow

2: 2 Russell Square station lies on which Underground Line?


2: 3 Who said 'Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away'?


2: 4 Which poet wrote the story of the Lady of Shalot?


2: 5 Who was the first drunkard in the Bible?


2: 6 What is the name of Istanbul's 15th century Palace?


2: 7 What is the state capital of West Virginia?


2: 8 Which Rugby Union team play at the Stoop?


3: 1 Where were  the summer Olympic Games held in 1960?


3: 2 Where were the summer Olympic Games held in 1952?


3: 3 Spell the word "myxomatosis"


3: 4 Spell the word "asphyxiation"


3: 5 Which family of flowers do azaleas belong?


3: 6 Which family of flowers do jonquils belong?


3: 7 What nationality was the scientist Copernicus?


3: 8 What nationality was the scientist Johann Lambert?


4: 1 What is produced by sericulture?


4: 2 The palace of Versailles was built by which French King?

Louis XIV (Name and Number required)

4: 3 Which King of Scotland was killed at Alnwick in 1093?

Malcolm III (Name and Number Required)

4: 4 Who wrote the opera Boris Godunov?


4: 5 Who is Buzz Lightyear's father in Toy Story 2?

Zurg (Emperor Zurg)

4: 6 What is the heraldic term for black?


4: 7 In which city was Handle's Messiah first performed?


4: 8 Which 1980's band's debut album was titled 'Bridge of Spies'?


5: 1 Which soap won the award for Best Single Episode at the Soap Awards earlier this year (2003)?


5: 2 Which soap won the award for Best Storyline at the Soap Awards earlier this year (2003) ?

Coronation Street

5: 3 Who is the patron saint of artists & painters?


5: 4 Whose saints day is on April 25th?


5: 5 How many known satellites (Moons) does Neptune have?


5: 6 How many known satellites (Moons) does Saturn have?


5: 7 What are oarweed,furbelows & dabberlocks?

Types of Seaweed

5: 8 What can be cut-throat,moray or culper?

Species of Eel

6: 1 Which Carry on Film, the third to be filmed is missing from the list?


6: 2 Who is the golfer shown?

Jim Furyk

6: 3 A relative of the domestic guinea pig and a native to South America which creature is shown here?

A Cavy

6: 4 Who is pictured with Sophia Loren in 1963 winning an Oscar?

Gregory Peck

6: 5 Which English Cathedral is this?


6: 6 This picture of Mary Wordsworth, Lady Kent has recently sold for £2.6 Million. Who was the artist?

Joshua Reynolds

6: 7 Which central African country beginning with 'G'  is being pointed to by the arrow?


6: 8 What two poker hands are missing from the list?

Flush and Full House

7: 1 From which musical does the song 'I Am What I Am' come from?

Sunset Boulevard

7: 2 Which musical is based on Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew'?

Kiss Me Kate

7: 3 Which British artist painted the 1955 work 'Man Carrying Pig'?

Peter Coker

7: 4 Which New York born artist painted the 1958 work 'Yellow Sky'?

Milton Avery

7: 5 Who wanted to 'Kiss the Bride' in 1983?

Elton John

7: 6 Who thought herself as a 'Modern Girl' in 1980

Sheena Easton

7: 7 Who was the Roman God of the Sea?


7: 8 Who was the Roman God of War?


8: 1 What are the three students called in the film 'The Blair Witch Project'?

Michael ,Heather & Joshua

8: 2 Which British police series ran from 1962 -1978?

Z Cars

8: 3 Which country used to be called Siam?


8: 4 In which year were the Scots defeated at Culloden?


8: 5 What were invented in 1927 in order to help athletics?

Starting blocks

8: 6 What scale is used to measure the hardness of minerals?

The MOHS scale

8: 7 Which county is the setting for Winston Graham's "Poldark" novels?


8: 8 What is the name of the syrup made from Pomegranate juice?


Beer: 1 What name is given to a young pigeon?


Beer: 2 what is the name of a young grasshopper?

A nymph

Beer: 3 What is the  nearest seaside resort to London?


Beer: 4 In which city would you find the Royal Crescent?


Beer: 5 What is the chemical symbol for Mercury?


Beer: 6 What is the chemical symbol for Radon?


Beer: 7 On what London Underground Line is Warwick Avenue station?


Beer: 8 On what London Underground Line is Hyde Park Corner station?


Beer: 9 Which famous furniture maker was born in 1718?

Thomas Chippendale

Beer: 10 Which European explorer discovered the River Niger?

Mungo Park

Beer: 11 What is daltonism?

colour blindness

Beer: 12 What name is given to the left hand page of a book?


Beer: 13 What do the initials IAEA stand for?

International Atomic Energy Agency

Beer: 14 What do the initials CBI stand for?

Confederation of British Industry

Beer: 15 In which South American Country do the football teams Monagas and Carabobo play?


Beer: 16 Birkirkara and Sliema are football clubs from which Mediterranean island?


R: 1 What do we call a group of bishops?

A bench

R: 2 What name is given to unbranded cattle in the USA?


R: 3 What part of the body is affected by glossitis?


R: 4 What was the capital of Japan before Tokyo?