Weekly Quiz from the Archive - Answers

1: 1 Which country did Pope John Paul II visit in May 2003?


1: 2 In May 2003, Which newspaper conducted a poll on 'How to boil an egg?'

The Guardian

1: 3 What were introduced to supermarkets  in 1974?

Bar Codes

1: 4 What colour were post boxes originally?


1: 5 What is the main religion in Yemen?


1: 6 What is the main religion of Bolivia?

Roman Catholicism (Accept Catholic)

1: 7 What do the initials FRGS stand for?

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

1: 8 What do the initials FCIB stand for?

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers

2: 1 In which year was the Grand National first televised?

In 1960

2: 2 Who scored the first goal on Match of the Day?

Roger Hunt (Liverpool)

2: 3 On which American river is the Hoover Dam?


2: 4 Which English King was killed in 1199 while laying seige to the Castle of Chaluz?

Richard I

2: 5 In 1986 who became the second Swedish act / band to top the UK singles chart?


2: 6 What is an otters home called?

A holt

2: 7 What is the main ingredient of Colcannon?


2: 8 Who was the quick-witted heroine of "Vanity Fair"?

Becky Sharpe

3: 1 The Province of Munster in Ireland is comprised of six counties, name three of them.

Clare,Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford and Cork

3: 2 Nine counties comprise the Irish Province of Ulster Six in Northern Ireland, name three  of the six. 

Antrim ,Armagh, Londonderry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone

3: 3 What is pedology?

The study of soil

3: 4 What is algology?

The study of algae

3: 5 Which Whoopi Goldberg film had 14 Oscar nominations but no win at all?

The Colour Purple

3: 6 Which award did Kevin Costner win for "Dances with Wolves" ?

Best Director

3: 7 Who said ' Money couldn't buy friends but you got a better class of enemy'?

Spike Milligan

3: 8 Who said ' You will be dammed if you do ,And you will be dammed if you don't'?

Lorenzo Dow

4: 1 Which woman was top in the Sunday Times Rich List published April 2003?


4: 2 Which boxer, who was told he would never walk again, completed the London Marathon in April 2003?

Michael Watson

4: 3 Where did Madonna give her exclusive British concert in May 2003?

The HMV Store in Oxford Street

4: 4 Name both teams that were relegated from the Nationwide Division 3 at the end of the football season 2002-03.

Exeter and Shrewsbury

4: 5 Which U.K. city was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2008?


4: 6 Which Coronation Street actor received an honorary degree in Jan 2003 from Derby University?

William Roache

4: 7 Name the top three people in Channel 4's "Worst Britons" poll in May 2003.

Tony Blair, Jordan and Margaret Thatcher

4: 8 Why did the Post Office need to use extra vans on Saturday 21st June 2003?

To deliver the 5th Harry Potter book. ( postmen are only allowed to carry a maximum of 18kg so lots of copies would make their bags too heavy)


5: 1 Why did the King of Morocco free/pardon five Britons from jail in May 2003?

To celebrate the birth of a son and heir

5: 2 For what was Gary Connery protesting about when he parachuted from Nelson's column in May 2003?

China's occupation of Tibet

5: 3 In which century did Vincent Van Gogh live?

The  19th

5: 4 In which Century did Rembrandt live?

The 17th

5: 5 From which Country did liquorice originate?


5: 6 From what is Litmus obtained from?


5: 7 Which organ of the body is affected by Bright's disease?

The kidneys

5: 8 What is the other name for vitamin B2?



6: 1 What is the main herb in Pesto sauce?


6: 2 Who directed ' Return of the Jedi'?

Richard Marquand

6: 3 Who was the Norse God of the sea?


6: 4 Who succeeded Michael Foot as the leader of the Labour Party?

Neil Kinnock

6: 5 What was Napoleon given sovereignty over after his abdication in 1814?


6: 6 In which City is the headquarters of Tyne Tees Television?


6: 7 On what day is Trafalgar Day? (Clue October)

Oct 21st

6: 8 Whose apprentices were known as tumblers?

Window cleaners


7: 1 What is 60% of 60?

Thirty six

7: 2 What is 80% of 80?

Sixty -four

7: 3 In which year was NATO formed?

In 1949

7: 4 In which year did ITV start broadcasting?

In 1955

7: 5 What sporting arena is twelve foot square?

Gymnastics floor

7: 6 How many hurdles are there in the 110 metre hurdles for men?


7: 7 Of which US State  is Trenton the capital?

New Jersey

7: 8 Of which US State is Jefferson City the capital?



8: 1 Under which sign of the Zodiac are people born on Christmas Day?


8: 2 With what is the Wiltshire town of Wilton associated?


8: 3 What newspaper did "The Sun" replace in 1964?

Daily Herald

8: 4 What sort of animal is a fennec?

A desert fox

8: 5 What shape is a quadrilateral that has two parallel sides of unequal length?


8: 6 What is  the least number of darts needed to finish from 1001?


8: 7 Which opera house is located in New York's Lincoln Center?

Metropolitan Opera House

8: 8 Who was the first person to take 300 wickets for England?

Fred Trueman


Beer: 1 What do we call the fear of God?


Beer: 2 What do we call fear of sleep?


Beer: 3 Complete the proverb " A rolling stone gathers no …


Beer: 4 Complete the proverb " Strike while ….

the iron is hot

Beer: 5 Who presented 'Man  O Man' a TV game show shown in the 1990's?

Chris Tarrant

Beer: 6 Which ex-Eastender co-presented Fort Boyard?

Leslie Grantham

Beer: 7 Which flower would you find in the string section of the orchestra?


Beer: 8 Which flower would you find in the brass section of the orchestra?


Beer: 9 What was shark's skin once used for?


Beer: 10 What were horses' hooves once used in making?

Glue making

Beer: 11 Who was captain of Brazil in the 1970 World Cup?

Carlos Alberto

Beer: 12 Who became the first player to score from the penalty spot in the 1974 World Cup Final

Johan Neeskens

Beer: 13 Who composed "The Lark Ascending "?

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Beer: 14 Who composed "Danse Macabre"?

Camillio Saint-Saens

Beer: 15 What is the value of Piccadilly on the Monopoly Board ?

It is worth £280

Beer: 16 What is the value of Pall Mall on the Monopoly Board?

It is worth £140


R: 1 Which English King's favourite was Piers Gaveston?

Edward II

R: 2 In which county are Englands highest cliffs?


R: 3 What is the name of Ian Botham's sporting son?


R: 4 What was first tested by Brian Trubshaw?