Weekly Quiz from the Archive - Answers

1: 1 Which former BBC horse racing commentator for more than 40 years died in June 2003?

Peter Bromley

1: 2 Which two tennis players played in the 25th anniversary match at Queens in June 2003?

Boris Becker and Stephan Edberg (Becker won)

1: 3 Who was the Founder of Sikhism?

Guru Nanak

1: 4 Who was the founder of Islam?


1: 5 Which US comedian stars in the 1999 film 'Big Daddy'?

Adam Sandler

1: 6 What is Albert Finney's profession in the 1997 film 'Washington Square'


1: 7 What colour is the heraldic term gules?


1: 8 Eau-de-nil is a shade of what colour?

Green (Accept Bluey green)

2: 1 In 1963 which nation won the first netball championship?


2: 2 What fruit is produced on the Banyan Tree?


2: 3 What do Americans call curtains?


2: 4 Who played Miss Marple in six films?

Margaret Rutherford

2: 5 Who wrote the book "One Fat Englishman"?

Kingsley Amis

2: 6 Which singer recorded the 1974 album 'I can stand a little rain?

Joe Cocker

2: 7 In which year was the Great Potato Famine in Ireland?


2: 8 How many incisor teeth should a healthy adult human have?


3: 1 In which Dickens book is the character Tom Traddles?

David Copperfield

3: 2 In which Dickens book is Mr Seth Pecksniff?

Martin Chuzzlewit

3: 3 What do we call a word or sentence that reads the same backward as it does forward?


3: 4 What do we call a comparison between two words to illustrate a point?


3: 5 What is the collective name for a group of Hippopotami

A Bloat

3: 6 What is the collective name for a group of Giraffes?

A Tower

3: 7 Which is Britain's oldest Cathedral?


3: 8 Which is England's second largest cathedral?

York Minster

4: 1 Who is the U.S. tennis player shown here?

Andy Roddick

4: 2 Which Dinosaur is shown here?


4: 3 Which Opera house located in Derbyshire is shown in the picture?

Buxton Opera House

4: 4 Which musician is shown in the picture?

Chuck Berry

4: 5 From which film is this picture of Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn taken?

African Queen

4: 6 Who is the Tweenies dog shown with Jake?


4: 7 What does the weather symbol represent? 

tropical storm

4: 8 Which International football team is missing from the Honours list for the European Championships?


5: 1 At this years soap opera awards who won the award for sexiest male?

Shane Ritchie

5: 2 At this years soap opera awards who won the award for sexiest female?

Jessie Wallace

5: 3 Who sang "Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue"?

Johnny Cash

5: 4 Which country singer had her first hit with "Jolene"?

Dolly Parton

5: 5 In which South American country is the world's highest waterfall?


5: 6 In which country is Cotopaxi, the world's highest volcano?


5: 7 What type of animal is a peccary?

A pig-like mammal

5: 8 What type of creature is a krait?

A venomous snake

6: 1 According to Sophocles,what is a woman's best garment?


6: 2 Which of Thomas Hardy's novels is subtitled "A Pure Woman"?

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

6: 3 Who was the first reiging monarch to own a Derby winner?

Edward VII

6: 4 Who is the patron saint of comedians?


6: 5 Which book of the Bible begins" Vanity of vanities…."?


6: 6 Which was the first Bond film released in 1962?

Dr No

6: 7 On which river does Florence stand?


6: 8 After the Lake District which is England's largest National Park?

Yorkshire Dales

7: 1 Which country is represented by the International car registration plates letters FL?


7: 2 Which country is represented by the International car registration plates letters HR?


7: 3 In 1999 which European country had the highest population density per square mile of any country in the world?


7: 4 In 1999 which European island in the Mediterrean had the Third highest population density per square mile of any country in the world?


7: 5 Which English physician discovered vaccination?

Edward Jenner

7: 6 Who is known as the father of nuclear physics?

Ernest Rutherford

7: 7 How many goals did Paulo Rossi score in the 1982 World Cup making him top scorer in the competition?


7: 8 How many goals did Gerd Muller score in the 1970 World Cup making him top scorer in the competition?


8: 1 Where,according to Coleridge did 'Kubla Khan  a stately pleasure dome decree'?


8: 2 What vegetable would you find in Dubarry soup?


8: 3 Which car ad used Wheatus's 'Teenage Dirtbag'?

Renault Megane Scenic

8: 4 Who Let The Dogs Out' in 2000?

Baha Men

8: 5 How many stars are there on the Syrian flag ?


8: 6 Who was the last King of Italy who abdicated in 1946?

Umberto II

8: 7 Des Drummond played which sport?

Rugby League

8: 8 On which day in May did Tony Blair celebrate his 50th birthday?

On the 6th

Beer: 1 On what London Underground Line is Camden Town station?


Beer: 2 On what  London Underground Line is Pimlico station?


Beer: 3 In the film "Ghostbusters" a pagan deity calls up a monster who turns up in a surprisingly cuddly form. What is it ?

A giant marshmallow man

Beer: 4 How was King Kong killed?

Shot by aircraft on The Empire States Building

Beer: 5 In which town is the largest stage in the U.K.?


Beer: 6 In which city is Europe's largest opera house?


Beer: 7 Complete "Good fences make good …..


Beer: 8 Complete"Least said, soonest …


Beer: 9 Where would you find Hugh,Pugh,Barney Mcgrew ,Cuthbert ,Dibble & Grub?


Beer: 10 Who lived in the basket with Andy Pandy & Looby Loo?


Beer: 11 What is the name of an angle less than 90 Degrees?


Beer: 12 What is the name of an angle more than 90 Degrees and less than 180 Degrees?


Beer: 13 Which golfer is nicknamed 'The Great White Shark"?

Greg Norman

Beer: 14 Who is nicknamed 'The Golden Bear"?

Jack Nicklaus

Beer: 15 Who has a friend called Pie Face?

Dennis the Menace

Beer: 16 Where does Desperate Dan live?


R: 1 What are the six main vitamins?

A,B,C,D,E &K

R: 2 What did Littlewoods Cup become in 1991?

Rumbellows League Cup

R: 3 In the Middle Ages how long was an apprenticeship?

Seven Years

R: 4 In which  year did Channel Four begin broadcasting?

In 1982