Weekly Quiz from the Archive

Quiz from 14th July 2003 (not sure where 7th July questions went!) -  The style was the "old" style of 8 rounds of 8 questions with a competitive beer leg. Enjoy testing yourself. Answers here

1: 1 Who became Minister for Health after Alan Milburn resigned this year (2003)?

1: 2 Who missed the Commons vote on Foundation hospitals this year (2003)?

1: 3 Who wrote "The Sea, The Sea"?

1: 4 Who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath"?

1: 5 What is Lilly Savage's real name?

1: 6 What is Madonna's surname?

1: 7 In which country was Shintoism founded?

1: 8 In which country was Buddhism founded?

2: 1 In which Hitchcock film did Sean Connery star in 1964?

2: 2 Which Verdi opera is based on Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor"?

2: 3 Which County Cricket team was Gary Sobers playing for when he hit six consecutive sixes?

2: 4 What name is given to the system of under-floor heating that was used by the Romans?

2: 5 On which river does Sheffield stand?

2: 6 Ophthalmology is concerned with which part of the body?

2: 7 What is added to stout to make the drink 'Black Velvet'?

2: 8 In which country is the upland known as The Deccan?

3: 1 Apricots are native to which country?

3: 2 Which country currently grows the largest amount of mangos?

3: 3 What is the character name of the Vicar of Dibley?

3: 4 In 'Bread' who was Nellie Boswell's only daughter?

3: 5 Isis was the goddess of what?

3: 6 Osiris is the god of what?

3: 7 Missing question

3: 8 Missing question

4: 1 Born in 1791, which famous inventor, accredited with designing the first electric generator is shown here?

4: 2 Which Female Novelist has been drawn here by her sister Cassandra?

4: 3 This actor has starred in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' and is currently in the blockbuster movie 'The Hulk'. Who is he?

4: 4 Currently Portrayed in the Louvre, Who painted this work titled ' Venus and the Graces offering gifts to a young girl' in 1483?

4: 5 Which football player recently transferred from Nantes to Manchester United is shown?

4: 6 What station is missing from the Central Line list of stations?

4: 7 Which famous English explorer is pictured here?

4: 8 Which Country, the fifth largest in the world, is missing?

5: 1 What is the name of the U.K. explorer who was the first to reach the geographic North Pole solo and unaided from Canada in May 2003?

5: 2 What is the name of the British Yachtswoman who completed a solo round-the-world race in May 2003?

5: 3 Which element in the periodic table the symbol K?

5: 4 Which element in the periodic table has the symbol Sb?

5: 5 Which company developed the first water-proof watches?

5: 6 What was the first ever washing powder? 

5: 7 Where is the first race of the Flat season (Horse Racing) held?

5: 8 Which is the oldest British flat (Horse Racing) classic race?

6: 1 Which U.S. rapper had a 1996 Top 20 with "If I ruled the world"?

6: 2 What is the name of the main shopping street in Dublin?

6: 3 What is the womens equivalent of the Ryder Cup?

6: 4 Which fish are turned into rollmops?

6: 5 To the Romans she was known as Venus,what was her Greek counterpart known as?

6: 6 What do we call the study of the nervous system?

6: 7 Which blue wild flower is also known as Knapweed?

6: 8 Who was the father of the first Prince of Wales?

7: 1 Which musical hailed "the dawning of the age of Aquarius"?

7: 2 The Song 'Old Man River ' is from which stage musical?

7: 3 Spell the word "scintillate"

7: 4 Spell the word"desiccated"

7: 5 In population which is the second largest city in Romania?

7: 6 In population which is the second largest city in Bulgaria?

7: 7 What did Wee Willie Winkie wear for his night stroll?

7: 8 Where was Little Boy Blue sleeping?

8: 1 Which band had a 1982 hit with 'Torch'?

8: 2 What is the name for rocks which water cannot pass through?

8: 3 What is the largest flatfish?

8: 4 Who wrote the children's novel "Swallows and Amazons"?

8: 5 What sort of fruit is a mirabelle?

8: 6 Who won the FA Cup for the first time in 1965?

8: 7 Name one of the two Underground Lines which serve Sloane Square

8: 8 What was the name of the 1534 Act that made Henry VIII head of the Church of England?

Beer: 1 Who wrote "Brighton Rock"?

Beer: 2 Who was the author of "The French Lieutenant's Woman"?

Beer: 3 Which saint is remembered on March 1st?

Beer: 4 Which saint is remembered on November 30th?

Beer: 5 Who wrote "The Owl and the Pussycat"?

Beer: 6 What were the flowers made famous in a poem by Wordsworth?

Beer: 7 What is phasmophobia?

Beer: 8 What do we call fear of needles?

Beer: 9 Who said 'A week is a long time in politics'?

Beer: 10 Who said 'Genius is one percent inspiration,and ninty-nine perspiration'?

Beer: 11 What would be the term to describe a dry champagne?

Beer: 12 What is the lightest type of sherry?

Beer: 13 Name one of the satellites of Mars?

Beer: 14 Name the only satellite of Pluto?

Beer: 15 What is the English name for the constellation of Cetus?

Beer: 16 What is the English name for the constellation of Columba?

R: 1 In 1920 which was the first country to legalise abortions?

R: 2 In which year did the M1 motorway open?

R: 3 Which country has finished 2nd most times in the Eurovision Song Contest?

R: 4 What was the name of the dog that Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn Munroe?