Current MKOQL rules

Last Updated 14/11/20


Organisation & Governance


MKOQL is a not for profit organisation that is a modification of the existing MK Quiz League (being the face 2 face quiz league), and has been formed in light of the current Covid pandemic.


MKOQL has a non-discriminatory policy with respect to age, gender, disability, race or nationality, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation.

Ed Ficek is the Chairman of the both MKOQL and MK Quiz League and has final say on all matters regarding both formats for both all-league and cup matches.


Any published matters, including press, radio, and social media, concerning quiz teams and individual members must not contain any comment or statement capable of causing offence or embarrassment.


Once published these cannot be altered unless by the Chairman. MKOQL fixtures can only be played on Monday evenings All matches are to be played using the video sharing application, ZOOM.

Rule 2:- Cancellations/Postponements

There is no option to cancel or postpone MKOQL fixtures

Rule 3a: - Starting Times

The starting time for all MKOQL matches should be between 20:00 - 20:30 on a Monday evening. Start times to be agreed between captains and then ZOOM meeting will be distributed by the designated “home” team. Should teams want opposing ends of the timescales and agreement cannot be reached, 20:15 will be the compromised time. To facilitate matches potentially starting at different times, no social media relating to the MKOQL is to be posted until all matches have completed as advised by MKOQL website or MKOQL Facebook page.


Rule 3b – ZOOM Meeting Setup

It is the responsibility of the home captain to organise the Zoom meeting link and to provide this link (with Meeting Number and password) to the away captain by email no less than 24 hours before the match is due to start. The home captain may request the away captain or QM to set up the Zoom room, e.g. where the away captain has a premium Zoom account, but it remains the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure the meeting details are completed and shared.


Rule 4:- Attendance

Should a team fail to attend 3 (three) consecutive matches they will be withdrawn from the league.

Rule 5:- One Team per Season

Team members are not allowed to change and compete for other teams during the season once you have played a game for one team in the season you are affiliated to that team for the rest of the season. If it is subsequently discovered that an ineligible player has played in a cup or league match, the offending player will have their score for the match changed to zero and the final scores adjusted accordingly.

Rule 6:- Cup Matches

Any player wishing to play in the John Bell Memorial Cup/ Plate competition must have played in at least 3 matches in the league season.



Rule 7: Question sets

Only question sets provided or approved by the MKOQL Chairman shall be used in league & cup matches. Each match shall consist of 10 competitive rounds and a reserve questions. Questions must be asked in the order in which they appear on the question sheet - i.e. Team 'A'question 1, Team 'B' question 2 and so on.


Questions will be uploaded to the MKOQL website at 19:50 on match day. Each team captain will be emailed with half the passcode. This should be shared with the QM via the “Chat” via private message function via ZOOM at the start of the game. This must be entered to access the questions from the MKOQL website. The QM should read the questions from an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet however if they prefer to print them off, they may, but the opposition shall be informed.

Rule 8:- Questionmaster (QM)

The QM can be anyone nominated by the home team. The Quiz League retains the right to appoint a QM for any match they so desire, without reason or notice. Should the QM and a player be in the same location, separate rooms should be used as this will maintain integrity and minimise feedback via ZOOM.


Rule 9: Start of the match

Each match shall start with the toss of a coin. The home captain will toss a coin and ask the visiting captain to call to decide the order of answering. The team captain winning the toss may elect to be team A or B, after the completion of round 5 the teams must change over.


Rule 10a:- Number of Players

Each team should consist of four players, one being the team captain.

Players will take the position of seat 1 2 3 or 4 at the commencement of the match and this order is not to change during the match (other than the individual choice rounds 3 & 8 – covered in Rule 18)

Teams can play matches with a minimum of 3 players, however there will be an impact to the number of questions received – covered in Rule 17


Rule 10b:- “Out of catchment” Players

Players who are not already part of an existing MK Quiz League team or live within an MK postcode will be deemed “Out of Catchment” (OOC). A team should always field two “in catchment” or non OOC players in every league and cup game and for both halves of the quiz. Substitutes of OOC players can take place at half time. Team members will be listed on the website and OOC players highlighted. It is the responsibility of the team containing OOCs to declare these players before the start of the fixture. Should it be found afterwards that more than the designated two OOC players per half has been used then the Chairman will rule on the outcome of the fixture and sanctions maybe imposed.


Rule 11:- Substitutes

Up to two substitutes may be used by any one team after the half way stage in a match.(After Round 5) – the QM cannot be used as a substitute


Rule 12: Scores

Each team is responsible for keeping scores, the QM will be time keeper in the event of there being nobody else available. Teams shall agree the scoreline at the end of each round.


Rule 13: Visibility

During the match, all players and officials should be visible on the ZOOM so that they can be seen by all players. No player may go off screen for any reason during a match and if they do, they will not be permitted to take any further part in the match unless the opposition expressly permit this, except where allowance is required for a player with a disability.

The only exception to this is if the Zoom call needs to be restarted due to time restrictions. If this happens the match shall be restarted as soon as possible, and no player is to research anything during this slight delay.



Rule 14: Technical issues

Should a player have technical issues with Zoom AFTER a match has commenced, that player has 60 seconds to fix the issue or they will not be able to play any further part in that round. If the opposition agree the player is given further time to reconnect but at any point the opposition can impose a 60 second time limit. If the player has not resolved the issues within those 60 seconds, then they are officially timed out of the round and can play no further part in that round. If a player has tech issues on three separate occasions during a match the opposition player have the right to request that that player is no longer permitted to participate at all in the match


Rule 15 : Potential cheating

Players are not permitted to use any resources to try and answer questions, including but not limited to; internet search engines, reference books, members of their household. Any player caught attempting to cheat in any way will be immediately banned from the league and their team will forfeit that match.

If a player is accused of cheating then the MKOQL Chairman will make a full and thorough investigation. If it is deemed that, on the balance of probabilities, a player has been cheating then the Chairman will impose sanctions which could be any of the following, restrictions on the player, loss of all matches in which the player has partaken, season suspension, lifetime ban.



Rule 16 Timings/signalling

a)Each team member or team is allowed 20 Seconds in which to answer a question.  Should this be answered correctly then 2 points will be scored. If the question is answered incorrectly a further 10 Seconds will be given for the remaining team players to answer (known as the “free guess”) which if then answered correct by another team member scores 1 point. Should this also be answered incorrectly the question should be passed across to the opposition team captain for an answer or for them to allocate to a colleague to answer. If answered correctly this will score 1point. Once a question has been passed across to the opposing team only 10 seconds should be given.

b)Should two or more players answer, the QM will allot points (or otherwise) on the first answer heard.

c) If the initial answer is partially correct the QM should use the word 'prompt' to inform the player that further information is to be given. They shall have one chance, and one chance only to give a full correct answer before they are classed as answering incorrectly. This should be made clear in the questions.

d) Signalling to answer a “team question” for 1 point should be done in one of two ways. Clear hand signals to demonstrate the degree of certainty a team has, or, by vocalising how sure they are to a percentage, e.g. 'I am 80% sure of this answer'. The team captain may nominate a player to answer by clearly stating that player's name.

e) If any member of the audience should prompt a person answering a question, the QM shall cancel and ask a supplementary question.

f) It is the duty of each captain to ensure that his or her team's supporters do not in any way prompt any member of the competing team.


Rule 17:- Teams with three players

If a team is missing a player then the questions that would have gone to that player goes straight to the team but for a bonus point only, with the captain allocating the player to answer. Should this be answered incorrectly the question will be passed over as usual to the opposition.​

​Rule 18. Individual Choice Rounds Questions (Rounds 3 & 8)


Rounds 3 & 8 will be slightly different to the other rounds. The QM will read the categories listed on the question paper at the start of the round. Teams can then confer as to which players would like to answer which category with the captains communicating the agreed order back to the QM. IMPORTANT: Care should be taken by the scorer on this round as the order in which players answer will most likely be different to the other rounds. Once the order has been communicated back to the QM the round will start. NO JOKERS ON THIS ROUND (AS PER F2F rules)


Rule 19: Last round scores

Either Captain has the right to be told the score before a question is asked during the last round.


Rule 20:- League Scoring system

The team scoring the most points in a game is the winner. The league scoring system will be 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for losing.


Rule 21:- Walkovers

Walkovers are calculated on the average on the last 3 league matches. If 3 matches have not yet been played, then the average of the subsequent 3 matches will be used.


Rule 22. Level League Points

In the event of a draw on league points at the end of the season the team with the highest total question points will determine the winner. If teams finished the season with the same question points then results between the teams will be taken into consideration.


Rule 23: Cup Match outcome is a draw

In the event of a cup match finishing in a draw. The first action is to count back bonuses scored by each team and the team with the highest number of bonus’ is declared the winner. Should the bonus scores be level then the reserve questions should be played alternately (Not pick a number) and the team with highest score declared the winner. Failing this a “Nearest the outcome” question will be provided and both captains will provide an answer. With the nearest answer being the winner.


Rule 24:- Communication of outcome.

It is the responsibility of the winning team captain, to notify the league of the result of the match no later than midnight on the match night scoresheets should be sent via email to In the event of a draw it is the home team captain's responsibility to notify the league of the match scores.




Rule 25:- Disputes

Reserve questions are provided to be used if a question is disputed. If the validity of the question is disputed in the quiz, the QM must then invite the two captains to agree how points should be awarded if possible. Captains who know that a mistake has been made should concede the point(s) there and then.


Rule 26. Settlement of Queries

The QM must settle all queries on the night. It is strongly advised that each team captain is in possession of a set of rules at every match. All teams must abide by the rules and the decision of the QM shall be final. Should the result be dependent on the disputed question. Then the QM should make the Chairman aware of this and this may be investigated further.

Rule 27:- Missing Questions  

Should any of the match questions in rounds 1 to 10 be missing, the reserve questions must be used as substitutions to complete the match.